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Grand Boss Event

Resets every 36 hours, announced in the global chat.
Every character of level 76 and above can participate. 

Speak with NPC Astralyn located in every town to register. Registration lasts for 5 minutes after that players are teleported in an arena, which is a peaceful (PvP-free) zone.

The arena is selected randomly, where players encounter 1 out of 6 grand bosses. 

Players have 10 minutes to create or join parties before the boss’ spawn and 60 minutes to kill the boss. 

If players manage to slay the boss each player is assigned a random reward from a boss’ drop list. 

The most wanted rewards:

  • Epic Jewel – Ring of Abyss (+150 CP, Resistance to Fire/Water/Wind/Earth/Holy/Dark +10, INT+1, STR+1, PvP Defense Bonus: Reduces damage taken from other players during PvP combat by 5%)
  • Grand boss’ weapon
  • Custom armor set pieces, set skill applicable:
Dreadscale - fearsome, enormous lizard beast whose venom can cripple or kill in moments. Infused with the essence of the earth, this creature is guarded by a loyal swarm of smaller, but equally deadly, minions. For centuries, it has guarded the caverns beneath the surface, striking down any who dare to disturb its slumber.
Lindvior, the ice dragon, reigns supreme over the highest peaks. Its breath, a chilling mix of ice and frost, spells doom for any intruder. Lindvior was once a guardian created by ancient mountain spirits to protect sacred relics. Over millennia, it grew in power and ferocity, becoming the uncontested ruler of the mountain ranges, slaying all who venture too close.
Osseus from the underworld, wielding intense fire powers capable of incinerating entire armies. Osseus was once a mighty warlord who was cursed by the gods and banished to the underworld. There, he was transformed into a skeletal being of fire and now seeks to return to the surface world, bringing with him the infernal flames of his rage.
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clan arena instance

The instance resets every week on Saturday at 6:00 UTC.

Available for clans level 5 and above & their alliances. Must create a command channel.

Minimum number of players to enter the arena – 11.

Prior to entering the instance clan/ally members are expected to make parties and a command channel. 

Speak to the NPC “Name” in the Monster Derby Track to enter. Only the command channel leader can enter the instance zone. 

After entering the arena players have 30 minutes to slay the raid bosses, after this time everyone will be teleported back to the Monster Track. If all party members are dead and not resurrected within 5 minutes, they will be kicked out and the instance will be finished. 

Each stage is progressive and each next raid becomes more powerful than the previous stage.

There are 30 stages in total; every 5 stages an extra powerful raid boss spawns.

The mysterious chests with rewards appear after completing each stage and disappear after 1 minute. By opening them, depending on the stage level, players have a chance to receive random rewards including:

  • Clan Points Scroll
  • Clan Eggs
  • Giant’s Codex – Mastery
  • Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (S-Grade)
  • Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S-Grade)

Also, players who participate in the arena will receive fame points starting from 60 for completing the 1st stage and +10 each consequent stage. 

Completion of the last 30th stage will contain a chest with a random Vesper Masterwork piece and a random rare custom weapon with an extra skill. 

training arena

An instance zone that allows players to practice PvP 1v1. The arena is open to enter for the first 15 minutes every hour. Speak to the NPC “name” in every town to register.

When a player enters the arena they have 1 minute to prepare for the match with a randomly selected player who registers at the same time. Buffs are not deleted upon entering. Players cannot see each other’s names or clan crests for training purposes.

The winner of the match will receive a blue coin used to exchange for useful items. Both players will accomplish a daily mission “Fight 1v1 in the training arena”.

  bounty hunter

Speak to the daily task manager “Name” to participate once a day. 

The NPC has a daily task for each player in return he will provide a reward. There are two types of tasks, players get to choose the mode – Easy or Hard. Depending on the mode, a reward will be randomly provided by completing the task and speaking with the NPC.