Launch Giveaway Rewards!

Exciting News for L2Savage Launch! 🎉 On our opening day, all new players will receive a special Welcome Reward Box filled with useful items to kickstart your adventure! 🌟 📦 Conditions: Only 1 reward per account We are excited to welcome you on L2Savage, don’t miss out on the fun! Get ready to embark on […]

Why we are different

At L2Savage, we stand out from the rest with our unique approach to creating an exceptional gaming experience. What sets us apart from others: Check out the list of features on our website and watch gameplay videos on our YouTube channel. For additional information, join our community on Discord.

L2Savage Grand Beta Opening – July 22!

🎉 Howdy Players! Exciting News: Grand Beta Opening of L2Savage Server! 🎉 Get ready for an unparalleled gaming experience! We are thrilled to announce the grand beta opening of the L2Savage server on July 22nd. This isn’t just another lame server; we’ve thoroughly adjusted and added new content to everyone’s favorite game to ensure fairness […]