Server Rules

Applicable to all L2Savage servers.



The use of automation tools is prohibited. You can only use macros in-game to the extent allowed by the Macro function. Using bot programs will not be tolerated and will lead to the permanent account ban.



Dualboxing is not allowed. A player can only play with one character at a time per server. Players are expected to be present and active in game, although being temporarily absent (away from keyboard) is not prohibited. We have sufficient tools to detect bot and dualbox activity, therefore we do not require players to stay present 100% of the time while logged.


Real Money Trading

Real Money Trading is prohibited. In-game goods, characters, or accounts cannot be exchanged for real-world currency. 



Users are obligated to report any bugs they encounter during their gaming experience for correction by the Staff. Deliberate and/or repeated use of a bug for the user’s or third parties benefit will result in a rollback and progress loss. 



As a part of the gameplay, players are FULLY responsible for any kind of in-game scamming, such as misleading shop titles, scamshops or items exchange. We urge everyone to pay attention to details before confirming any kind of exchange or trade.
Items stolen due to an unauthorized account access will NOT be compensated, as players are responsible for securing their account with a strong password and not sharing it with other players. 

In exceptional cases, for example, when a user loses an item due to an in-game bug, the staff might investigate the case and possibly provide compensation.



Unlimited amount of shops per person, minimum level to set up a shop 60+.


Same IP-address

Multiple players who wish to play under the same IP address must submit a support ticket at: to inform us of the accounts involved. Reporting a Licensed Account status does NOT grant the right to dualbox. This is only an exempt for household members.